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Glendale Police Department Volunteers Cracking Down on Drunk Drivers

The Glendale Police Department has more than 110 volunteers, many of which help out with the department's DUI Squad. The Arizona Republic reports that the volunteer work now is crucial with decreasing funds for the department. Last year, for example, volunteers contributed an estimated 22,500 hours, which is equivalent to about $450,000 worth of labor.

Joel Davis, 48, is just one of the volunteers with the Glendale Police Department who works with drunk driving enforcement officers. He reportedly does work with the DUI squad two nights a month and drives the DUI Squad's processing van for impaired suspects. He also performs additional support tasks.

"I almost feel like I'm a member of the squad," the volunteer told the Arizona Republic. "They've got a lot of cool toys."

Yet an Arizona DUI attorney may question the involvement of volunteers when making DUI arrests. A volunteer may not have the same DUI knowledge as a law enforcement officer. Without full knowledge of the state DUI laws, a person can perhaps be wrongfully arrested for driving under the influence or improper enforcement procedures could be carried out.

In addition to the work of DUI-related crimes, volunteer officers often work in jobs ranging from the crime scene analysis lab to neighborhood outreach programs. Other Maricopa County cities, such as Phoenix, Avondale, and Scottsdale are also heavily relying on volunteers amid budget cuts and layoffs. More information about volunteer opportunities in law enforcement can be found through a local police department.

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