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Jerramy Stevens Arrested Again, This Time in Tampa Bay

Some sports commentators are saying that Jerramy Stevens' professional football career is over. AHN News reports that the tight end was released from the Tampa Bay Bucs after his recent arrest on felony drug charges. A police search revealed that the football player had 38 grams of marijuana in his car, which led to charges of felony possession of cannabis with intent to sell, felony possession of cannabis and a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Phoenix DUI attorneys know that this isn't the first time Jerramy Stevens has been in legal trouble. The Arizona Republic reported that the athlete was convicted of extreme DUI in Scottsdale, Arizona back in 2007. The conviction came after a BAC test showed that Jerramy Stevens' blood alcohol content was at .204 percent, which is more than double the legal limit in the state. At the time, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge could have sentenced him to as many as 30 days in jail. However, the football player was only sentenced to 12 days in jail because he was already required to attend a National Football League rehabilitation program.

Is Jerramy Stevens simply out of second chances when it comes to the law? His career might be over with the Tampa Bay Bucs, but it looks like his marijuana possession case is far from over. Football fans might be anxious to see how the former tight end will plead in the case.

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