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Arizona DUI Laws and Medical Marijuana

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Can medical marijuana patients in Arizona be charged with driving under the influence if they are found to be impaired by marijuana? The answer is yes, but drug DUIs for medical marijuana patients is still somewhat of an unclear issue for law enforcers in the state.

The Arizona Republic reports that drivers in the Grand Canyon state can be charged with driving under the influence of prescription drugs if it is determined that the driver is impaired by the drug. Yet there is currently no standard measurement for marijuana impairment in Arizona. Hence, it can be ambiguous if a person is impaired by marijuana or if marijuana metabolites found in the blood exist from smoking the drug days prior. Traces of marijuana can stay in the human bloodstream for days, weeks, or even months at a time.

Phoenix DUI attorneys in the state say that the Legislature should determine a measurement that will define what constitutes as marijuana impairment. Colorado lawmakers reportedly plan to introduce a bill next year that would establish standard measurements for marijuana impairment. Hopefully, the state of Arizona will follow in Colorado's footsteps.

Time will tell how the legalization of medical marijuana will affect DUI enforcement and DUI laws in the state. In the mean time, medical marijuana patients in Arizona should not hesitate to contact a Phoenix DUI attorney after an arrest for driving under the influence. An attorney can provide DUI suspects with information on their rights under the law and help suspects avoid a DUI conviction.

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