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Drugged Driving Involved In One Fifth of Fatal Crashes in 2009

Drugged driving is on the rise. Researchers with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have found that about 1 in 5 drivers who were killed last year in car crashes tested positive for drugs, according to Associated Press. This is a significantly higher percentage than the numbers for the year 2005, where drugs were found in just 13 percent of drivers killed in car accidents.

The tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reportedly took into account both legal and illegal drugs, including heroin, methadone, morphine, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, LSD, prescription drugs and inhalants. Yet it's not clear whether drugs actually caused the fatal car crashes or how impaired the drivers were at the time of the deadly collisions. Perhaps law enforcers need to focus more of their efforts on drugged driving rather than drunk driving.

"We've made great progress on alcohol-impaired driving through education and enforcement. There's just no reason we won't be able to make progress in this area once we start bringing it to people's attention and we start doing the enforcement that's needed," White House Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske told Associated Press.

In the state of Arizona, drivers can be arrested for DUI for being under the influence of almost any substance, including both legal and illegal drugs. Yet a skilled Arizona DUI attorney can usually assess a case and come up with a good defense strategy for drug related DUIs and prescription drug DUIs. You can contact a Phoenix DUI attorney to learn more information on fighting different types of DUI cases in court.

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