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Lloyd Kennie Arrested With Blood-Alcohol Level of .33 Percent

A driver arrested with a blood-alcohol level over .20 percent in Arizona can face charges of super extreme DUI in the state. This is the highest level of DUI in the state of Arizona, where people convicted of the offense face a minimum sentence of six months in jail, 90 days of a suspended driver's license, and minimum fines of $8,300.

KPHO News reports that 41-year-old Lloyd Kennie was arrested in Prescott Valley on charges of aggravated DUI, super extreme DUI, extreme DUI, driving on a suspended license and having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. Police officers said that Lloyd Kennie was passed out in his SUV, but that he had the engine running, his foot on the accelerator and his hand on the gear shift of the vehicle.

The man's blood-alcohol level was at .33 percent at the time of his DUI arrest, which is more than four times the legal limit of .08 percent in the state of Arizona. Police officers also said that they smelled alcohol in Lloyd Kennie's vehicle and that they saw an open container of alcohol in the back seat of the vehicle.

Because of the enhanced penalties that an aggravated DUI or super extreme DUI conviction carries, many drunk driving suspects in the state will contact an Arizona DUI attorney to make sure that all evidence in a case was properly gathered, including evidence from field sobriety tests and chemical blood-alcohol tests. To find an attorney in your area, see FindLaw's Arizona DUI Attorney Directory.

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