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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Starts Female Chain Gang of DUI Offenders

Now, there's another reason not to get a DUI in the Phoenix metro area. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently created a female chain gang that is made up of women who have all been convicted of driving under the influence.

The chain gangs in Arizona consist of a group of inmates who perform labor in Tent City and around the county-- sometimes during triple digit weather at this time of the year. Inmates in the chain gang are volunteers and can often be seen picking up trash in Valley communities in the black-and-white striped uniforms. This week, FOX News reports that the female chain gang will be wearing pink T-shirts over the striped uniforms with bold letters describing messages about drinking and driving.

“I hope that everyone driving by that sees the chain gang will think twice about drinking and driving … they will end up on this chain gang if they do,” Arpaio told FOX.

Can this chain gang really be a deterrent to drunk driving? Spending time in jail after a DUI conviction is bad enough, but it looks like the penalties now don’t stop just there. DUI offenders at the Maricopa County jail may also feel pressured into joining this chain gang, which could mean a great deal of humiliation

Sheriff Arpaio says that the inmates will be seen in various communities this weekend in their jail garb and pink shirts. Phoenix New Times reports that Arpaio is apparently so proud of his female chain gang discouraging DUI crimes that he is posting updates on what the group is doing on his Twitter page. The tweets can be found here.

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