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Prescott Driver Kneed Cop in Groin, Faces Super Extreme DUI

If the allegations against Michelle Elise Watson are true, she should be the poster child for what-not-to-do in the event of a DUI arrest. And she has the mug shot for it. Throwing two thumbs up and a beaming smile, the Prescott driver didn’t seem to mind she had just been arrested on several charges, including suspicion of aggravated assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest, and super extreme DUI.

Witnesses called Prescott police after they saw Watson hit a curb and drive on a sidewalk, according to The Daily Courier. However, it’s when police pulled Watson over that things got interesting.

Police allege Watson refused to take a field sobriety test, pushed an officer in the chest, kneed another officer in the groin, cursed, and kicked the rear of a patrol car, according to a police report.

At the station, the 24-year-old allegedly tested with a 0.235 blood alcohol content, almost three times the legal limit.

It is likely Prescott driver Michelle Elise Watson will not be throwing up the thumbs-up sign for long when she finds out the potential punishments she could face.

Drivers are charged with a super extreme DUI if they have a BAC above 0.20 percent. Arizona, known for its strict DUI laws, is only one of a handful of states that recognizes the charge. A conviction carries severe mandatory sentences such as a mandatory minimum of 45 days in jail, several thousands of dollars in fines and penalties, and the installation of an ignition interlock device.

For help defending against a DUI or super extreme DUI charge, contact a Phoenix DUI attorney in your area. An experienced attorney familiar with DUI proceedings can help you mitigate any potential short-and-long term consequences.

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