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Ex-Sergeant John Flanagan Could Lose Police Certification for DUI

In addition to the typical penalties for a DUI - such as jail time, fines and license suspension - a DUI conviction could negatively impact your employment.

Take, for example, former Phoenix police sergeant John Flanagan. Flanagan was arrested for felony DUI charges in March and fired from his job in August. Now, he could lose his police certification entirely because of his DUI conviction, reports The Arizona Republic.

DUI for Medical Marijuana in AZ: What You Need to Know

With Arizona reaching milestones in the area of medical marijuana, we felt it would be the appropriate time to address the issue of driving under the influence of medical marijuana. Here are a few things Arizona residents need to know on the current state of medical marijuana and its impact on your driving:

CHL's Arizona Sundogs Co-Owner Sean Bradlee Fain Arrested for DUI

Sean Bradlee Fain, co-owner of the Central Hockey League’s Arizona Sundogs and Fain Signature Group principal, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence this past Thursday, reports The Daily Courier.

Prescott Valley police officers said they were responding to a report of an impaired driver when they found Fain in a pickup truck with a flat tire near Highway 89A around midnight early Thursday morning.

Woman Facing 119 Years for Meth Driving Accepts Plea Deal

A woman facing 119 years in prison for allegedly causing a serious car crash while driving under the influence of methamphetamines agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors, reports The Daily Courier.

Thirty-one-year-old Jessica Mae Wayas was accused of driving head-on into the truck of a 70-year-old man while under the influence of meth in March 2010. Shockingly, her two children, ages 5 and 6, were also in the car with her at the time and were injured in the accident.

Wayas’ problem with meth is one of the worst the prosecution and the judge have seen, according to The Courier.

State Lawmakers Bring Distracted Driving Bill to Legislature

Some members of the Arizona state legislature are starting off the New Year with an ambitious goal: fighting distracted driving on the roads. And they’re doing it with distracted driving legislation that proposes interesting solutions to the problem.

State Sen. John McComish sponsored a bill that would completely ban teens from using cell phones in their car for the first six months that they have a license, according to

Suspected Tucson DUI Crash Kills Woman, Injures Two

A suspected Tucson DUI crash left one woman dead and two people injured, reports the Associated Press.

A 41-year-old, unidentified man allegedly drove his Dodge Charger head-on into a Nissan carrying 46-year-old Elizabeth G. Acuna and an unidentified driver, according to Tucson police spokesman Sgt. Matt Ronstadt.

Acuna was killed in the collision, which occurred on Benson Highway, and a 26-year-old woman driving the Nissan suffered serious injuries.

Safe or Not Safe? Arizona Road Safety Getting Mixed Reviews

Just a couple of months after anti-drunk driving advocacy organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving gave Arizona its highest rating for DUI enforcement, another reviewing agency says one its one of the worst states in the nation for driver safety laws.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety claim that only South Dakota is worse than the Grand Canyon State when it comes to the number of state driving laws in effect, reports

What could account for the extreme discrepancy?

Police: Man Had Open Container, Blood Alcohol 3 Times Legal Limit

Instead of driving with a license, a Mesa man allegedly decided it was better to drive early Sunday morning with an open container of alcohol in his car and a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit, reports The Arizona Republic.

Twenty-eight-year-old Eden Lopez-Flores was pulled over by Mesa police at two in the morning on Sunday for a routine traffic stop when officers noticed tell-tale signs of intoxication.

Lopez-Flores reportedly admitted to drinking a few cans of Bud Light before driving, and officers found an open 12 ounce can from the "King of Beers" in his car.

Fleeing Leads to Felonies: Two Charged for Evading DUI Task Force

We warned you that Arizona authorities were going to be out in full force over the holidays to deter drunk drivers. If you were caught by the several DUI task forces operating over New Year's weekend, one of the worst things you could have done was run. Take our word, and the examples of two Prescott Valley men, for it.

Both men were booked into Yavapai County jail on DUI and felony unlawful flight charges stemming from separate incidences in which they tried to flee from a DUI task force operating in the county, reports The Daily Courier.

Open Containers, Mark Grace and SnoBar: Top 5 DUI Lessons of 2011

It was a banner year for the Grand Canyon state, home of some of the strictest DUI laws in the nation. Looking back at some of the top Phoenix DUI stories of 2011, we've learned some tried and true lessons for driving safely down the streets of Arizona. Here are our top five:

Arizona DUI Holiday Task Force Nets 4,000 Suspected Drunk Drivers

As the numbers slowly trickle in regarding the statewide holiday DUI crackdown, preliminary figures are showing impressive enforcement numbers.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety stated on Sunday that approximately 4,000 suspected drunk drivers have been arrested in the Grand Canyon State since the crackdown began on Nov. 24, reports KPHO.

Breaking the number of arrests down further, approximately 1,085 drivers were arrested for extreme DUIs and 385 people had been arrested for aggravated DUIs, according to the Office of Highway Safety’s press release.