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State Lawmakers Bring Distracted Driving Bill to Legislature

Some members of the Arizona state legislature are starting off the New Year with an ambitious goal: fighting distracted driving on the roads. And they’re doing it with distracted driving legislation that proposes interesting solutions to the problem.

State Sen. John McComish sponsored a bill that would completely ban teens from using cell phones in their car for the first six months that they have a license, according to

Thirty other states and the District of Columbia reportedly have similar legislation banning complete cell phone use for brand-new drivers, according to AAA.

The state legislature has been unable to pass an outright ban on cell phone use by all drivers in the past, forcing some cities to consider and pass their own ordinances against distracted driving.

However, McComish’s bill may be successful - the Senate Committee on Public Safety and Human Services unanimously voted for it on Thursday, according to UPI. Part of the reason may be because it complements other restrictions on new drivers, such as preventing them from having more than one other teen in the vehicle during their first six months of driving.

However, the bill has to get through the House of Representatives, where many pieces of distracted driving legislation have died.

Despite this, legislators taking action against distracted driving may hopefully spread the word about the dangers of distracted driving and the dangers of using cell phones in vehicles.

“I don’t know when our vehicles became our entertainment centers, when they became our offices,” Maria Rich Wojitczak of Scottsdale driving school Driving MBA told

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