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Drinking and College Sports Games: Should Alcohol Be Allowed?

It’s hard to deny that drinking and college typically go together like a fish and water. Despite their connection, should drinking be officially allowed at college sports games?

Three state legislators believe sanctioned drinking at college sporting events should be a reality, and recently introduced legislation allowing alcohol sales at university-sponsored sporting events, reports

The main motivation behind the bill is reportedly financial, with lawmakers hoping to rake in the dough by selling alcohol at games.

However, Arizona State University has been the site of several underage drinking crackdowns in the past. Authorities have often tried to regulate underage drinking and develop alcohol consumption policies. Allowing drinking in university-sanctioned events may send a mixed message to students and increase the chances that students get involved in alcohol-related incidents.

The bill’s proponents, on the other hand, say that controlling the sale of alcohol, coupled with added security, would create a safer atmosphere for college sports fans. There are certain restrictions included in the proposal, such as prohibiting alcohol sales at the beginning of the third quarter and not allowing re-entry into the stadiums.

Arizona DUI attorneys often work on the criminal defense of drunk driving cases. However, they can also defend people who have been charged with other alcohol-related crimes, such as underage drinking, minor in possession (MIP), and public intoxication.

College students that are arrested for DUI, underage drinking, or another alcohol-related violations should consider contacting an Arizona DUI attorney to learn more about their rights in the criminal defense process.

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