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Mixing Alcohol and Oil: Drunk Driver Crashes Into Gas Station

A 15-year-old from Mesa was recently arrested on suspicion of being a drunk driver and of crashing into a gas station, reports The Arizona Repbulic.

The teenager, who only has a driver's permit, was in a 2008 Dodge pickup. He smashed it into Zone Gas Station at Val Vista Drive. Currently it is unclear if the Mesa gas station crasher was under the influence of drugs, alcohol, both, or just teen driving.

Under Arizona’s DUI laws, the per se blood alcohol limit is 0.08, but there is a catch for underage drivers like the Mesa gas station crasher: there is zero tolerance for underage drivers. In having this zero tolerance underage policy, Arizona is different than some other states, like Georgia, where the underage BAC is 0.02. Obviously, that leaves a little wiggle room for an under-age driver. But not in Arizona.

It will also be interesting to find out if the 15-year-old teen driver will be tested for drug impairment. Law enforcement often face difficulties when trying to get DUI convictions on drugged driving. One of the most significant difficulties in getting a DUI conviction for drugged driving is proving that the person is impaired.

There is currently no standard measurement for marijuana impairment in Arizona. Now that the court has ordered the implementation of medical marijuana laws, hopefully the legislature will define what constitutes as marijuana impairment.

Either way, given the sensational circumstances of the accident, and the boy’s age, he would be well-advised to hire an experienced DUI attorney. A list has been provided below.

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