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Will Pong Beer Come to Arizona Soon?

With underage drinking becoming a significant problem in Arizona, the possibility of the introduction of a beer specifically made for the drinking game "Beer Pong" into the Grand Canyon State may not be the best idea.

Pong Beer, which is marketed as a lite beer specifically made for one of the favorite games of the college-aged crowd, is already available in eight states, and its makers are looking to spread it to more states soon, reports The Consumerist.

For those innocent readers who have never played the game, Beer Pong typically consists of six cups of beer set up on each side of a ping pong table. Participants try to throw ping pong balls into their opponents' cups, which forces the other team to chug the beer in the cup. The winner is the last team with cups of beer left.

The beer comes in a 30-pack and includes two free ping pong balls. If you buy two 30-packs at a time, you are also provided a bunch of 16 oz. cups as well.

Needless to say, the game can lead to a night of binge drinking. With a few Arizona cities being ranked as some of the drunkest in the nation thanks in part to the frequency of binge drinking, having beer marketed towards that end may not be taken so well by authorities.

In fact, Pong Beer's marketing campaign specifically focuses on college students, enticing potential sellers with the reported facts that the graduating class of 2012 has $53 billion in discretionary dollars and 50 percent of college students play beer pong.

Students have to remember that Arizona has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country, including a zero-tolerance policy for minors who are caught driving with any amount of alcohol in their system.

Perhaps the marketing ploy won't catch on in the other eight states, and Arizona won't have to worry about its potential effects on underage drinking. Or perhaps Arizona college students will have to soon be more wary when enticed to play beer pong with Pong Beer.

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