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Arizona Game and Fish Department To Use Breath-Testing Devices

Drivers of off-highway vehicles in Arizona need to keep an eye out for the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The Game and Fish Department is cracking down on DUIs and OUIs.

The Game and Fish Department is now using breath-testing equipment to help determine if drivers of OHVs are driving under the influence. They recently received a $4,000 grant and as a result, invested in eight devices to use across the state.

Off-highway vehicles are defined by the Arizona Game and Fish Department as "any motor vehicle operated on unimproved roads, trails and approved use areas not suitable for conventional two-wheel-drive vehicular travel."

These vehicles typically include ATVs, ROVs, trail motorcycles and dirt bikes, used in recreational areas for the most part.

The new grant will not only help purchase the new breath-testing equipment but will also allow for greater training in preventing DUIs and enforcing DUI laws. As a Game and Fish enforcement equipment manager told the Cronkite News Service, the Department has missed many DUIs over the years for lack of training and equipment. Game and Fish officers were relying on field sobriety tests prior to date and the equipment will serve to enhance their DUI efforts.

The Department is also training off-highway patrol officers on recognizing impaired drivers.

According to a law enforcement specialist at the Game and Fish, the breath-testing equipment will help suspects understand their offense in greater detail, by showing them hard evidence as to their impairment. Namely, numbers carry more credibility and it becomes easier for an offender to understand that he or she may be impaired if a machine with numbers can show them the exact extent of their impairment.

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