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AZ Blocks Ban on Texting While Driving

Arizona will not be implementing any "texting while driving" laws in the near future.

On March 5, the state House voted 31-28 against legislation banning texting while driving, reports the East Valley Tribune.

It's a known fact that texting while driving causes accidents and in a state with stringent drinking while driving laws, it comes as a surprise that the state's legislators would not allow such a law to pass.

The House called the legislation an unnecessary intrusion on individual rights.

There are already no-texting laws enacted locally in Arizona. This vote only affects the implementation of a state wide law and does not overrule the local laws in Tucson and Phoenix.

Arizona is one of a few states that has not enacted a state wide ban on texting while driving. Forty-four other states have enacted similar measures, reports Arizona Public Media.

Opponents of the legislation say that there already exists a law in Arizona that states that drivers should pay attention to the road.

But those in favor of the legislation say that texting while driving merits higher scrutiny and harsher laws. They cite the danger in texting while driving, saying that sending text messages involves more focus and attention than other activities.

The ban, which would have been enacted under House Bill 2125, would have violators facing fines of $200 for using a “handheld wireless communication device to manually write, send or read a written message while operating a motor vehicle.”

Initially, the bill passed the House by 45-15, but was reportedly brought under reconsideration after members realized the bill included a ban on texting.

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