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Rockies Pitcher Alex White Remorseful Over Scottsdale DUI

Bad news for Colorado Rockies fans. Pitcher Alex White learned the hard way not to drink and drive in the Grand Canyon State. White was arrested on March 3 on drunken driving charges, reports

White was stationed in Arizona for spring training and was arrested at 9:15 p.m. on Saturday night, after a traffic stop by a Scottsdale Police officer. The stop, Sports Illustrated reports, was not based on any telltale signs of drunk driving but rather, on the fact that White was driving a car that had dealer tags on it.

White was making his way back to his apartment from a private gathering when he was pulled over. According to MyFoxPhoenix, after a field sobriety test and a Breathalyzer test, White was booked for extreme DUI, with his BAC registering at a reported 0.174.

Extreme DUI. As you know if you follow this blog, the laws of Arizona are no friend to drunk drivers. Arizona DUI offenders face some harsh consequences for driving under the influence. The state has the lowest limit if any state for extreme DUI, at 0.15 percent.

If caught with a BAC higher than 0.15, offenders will automatically face penalties, including the possibility of mandatory incarceration of no less than 30 days, a 90-day license suspension and $2,500 in fines and assessments. Furthermore, any DUI conviction in the state will require the offender to install an ignition interlock device for a minimum of one year.

While the Colorado Rockies issued a press statement, Rockies General Manager Dan O’Dowd claimed that White showed no signs of any alcohol abuse problem and as such, would not face discipline from the organization.

It is reported that White was not with any teammates at the time. He has since apologized for his actions, stating that he let down his family, the organization and his fans.

“That’s not the type of person I am,” he said.

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