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Canadian Man Arrested for Aggravated DUI in Arizona

What happens when a visitor from a foreign land is arrested for a DUI in Arizona?

The exact same thing that happens to a local resident. He gets booked. Just ask Dale Clifford Green of Alberta, Canada.

Green was reportedly arrested earlier this week after officers noticed that he showed visible signs of driving impairment. He was stopped near the scene of a three-vehicle collision around Greenfield Road and University Drive, reports The Arizona Republic.

When officers approached the vehicle, they noticed that the 51 -year-old Green seemed to have alcohol on his breath and appeared to have bloodshot, watery eyes.

They also noticed that he had a wife and two children in the car. Both children, according to court documents, were underage, with one aged 6 and the other aged 15.

Green’s blood-alcohol content measured 0.141 percent, which was significantly over the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

As a result of the presence of underage children, Green was booked on one charge of aggravated DUI.

Now, the interesting question comes from the fact that Green is not a U.S. citizen. It appeared that he was visiting Arizona. If that’s the case, then what happens to him after the arrest?

Unfortunately for Green, he will likely have to go through the motions here, just as any American offender would. What’s particularly interesting for Green is that his country, Canada, has a track record for rejecting American visitors at the border for past DUI convictions. In Canada, a DUI appears to be a more serious offense than it is in many parts of the United States. Visitors to Canada have been denied entry, even 14 years after a convicted DUI.

It’s hard to say what Green’s own nationals will have to say about his conviction but one thing is certain— drink and drive in Arizona and you will end up in the slammer, no matter where in the world you’re really from.

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