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Phoenix Cop Brian Gentry: Aggravated DUI With Kid in Car

The men in blue aren’t immune to the law. A Phoenix cop was arrested on March 4 for driving while intoxicated, reports Fox 10.

And get this— he had a kid in the car with him.

The officer, Brian Gentry, was pulled over after the Subway Fresh Fit 500 race of the NASCAR Spring Cup Series at the Phoenix International Raceway. He was stopped by a Goodyear detective who was working off-duty with MCSO at the intersection of South Estrella Parkway and West Vineyard Road, reports The Arizona Republic.

The county cops then took over and gave Gentry a breath test and a blood test.

His blood-alcohol content was found to be above the legal limit and he was deemed intoxicated. He received a citation and then was released to be driven home.

The presence of a child younger than 15 in the vehicle triggered the charge of aggravated DUI, which is a class 6 felony.

In Arizona, a person is charged with aggravated DUI if he or she:

  • Is found guilty or pleads guilty to DUI during a period when his or her driver's license or driving privileges have been cancelled, suspended, revoked, or refused (or if the driver was required to use an ignition interlock device)
  • Commits a third or subsequent DUI violation within five years (60 months) of a previous conviction
  • Violates Arizona drunk driving laws while a person under 15 years of age is in the vehicle.

Officer Gentry is currently on administrative leave while an internal investigation is being conducted by the Professional Standards Bureau of the Phoenix police.
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