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Mom Arrested for DUI Crash with Kids in the Car

Last week, Phoenix police arrested Deana Unterbrink, a 34-year-old mother, for several DUI charges, The Arizona Republic reports. Unterbrink allegedly crashed her SUV into a wall outside a Phoenix-area school while under the influence.

Unterbrink was driving with three of her children in the car at the time of the accident. She has been charged with two counts of aggravated DUI and three counts of DUI with a passenger under 15-years-old.

Police found Unterbrink standing in the parking lot of Adams Traditional Academy, just east of Interstate 17. Three of Unterbrink’s children, ages 2, 3, and 5, were standing nearby crying.

Unterbrink, who had allegedly been driving while drunk, crashed into a cement wall surrounding the school in her Lincoln Navigator. The crash reportedly caused around $1,000 worth of damage to the school.

Upon searching the vehicle, police found an open container of alcohol and unopened bottles of liquor in Unterbrink’s purse. Police arrested the woman and booked her with several counts of DUI.

Under Arizona DUI law, an aggravated DUI can arise under several different circumstances. If a person commits a DUI on a suspended or revoked license, commits a DUI while an ignition interlock system is supposed to be installed on the person’s car, or commits three or more DUI offenses within a 7-year period, he is liable for an aggravated DUI.

In addition, if a person commits a DUI offense while a child under the age of 15 is in the car, as is the case with Unterbrink, she is liable for an aggravated DUI charge.

Arizona has the harshest DUI laws in the country. Unlike a standard DUI, an aggravated DUI carries felony charges and tougher penalties. If Deana Unterbrink is convicted for her aggravated DUI charges, she may only see her three children during visiting hours for the next few months or even years.

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