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Pro Golfer Crashes into Gilbert Home; Suspected of DUI

As a professional golfer, Matthew Giles has probably had his fair share of drives end up in the rough. Earlier in the week, however, Giles allegedly drove right into a house, The Associated Press reports.

On Monday night, the 22-year-old Australian golfer was arrested by Gilbert police on suspicion of drunk driving. Police say, Giles lost control of his car while driving drunk and crashed into a Gilbert home.

According to a police report, the golfer was “traveling at a very high rate of speed and tried to make a left turn” when he lost control of his car. Giles’ car smashed into a single-family home, rupturing a natural gas line. No injuries were reported.

Giles submitted to field sobriety and blood alcohol tests at the scene of the crash, but the results won’t be ready for about two weeks, according to The Associated Press. Gilbert police arrested Giles on suspicion of DUI.

Giles may be facing some steep penalties if convicted of DUI, as Arizona has the harshest DUI laws in the country. A first-time DUI is punishable by a minimum fine of $1,250, a minimum sentence of 10 days in jail, and suspension of driving privileges for at least 90 days. In all cases, an ignition interlock device is installed on the driver’s car for at least one year.

The day before the crash, Matthew Giles finished 66th in the Nationwide Tour’s TPC Stonebrae Championship in California. Perhaps Giles was blowing off some steam after a disappointing performance in the tournament?

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