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Diamondbacks Announcer Mark Grace Arrested for Aggravated DUI

Arizona Diamondbacks announcer and ex-pro baseball player Mark Grace has taken an "indefinite leave of absence to seek personal assistance" after he was arrested on DUI charges last week, Fox 10 News reports.

This is the second DUI offense in 15 months for the former Diamondbacks and Cubs first baseman. On top of that, Grace was allegedly driving on a suspended license and without a court-ordered ignition interlock device. He's now facing aggravated DUI charges.

Grace was pulled over for allegedly having expired registration tags on his car. After speaking with Grace and administering a field sobriety test, the officer arrested Grace for DUI.

Diamondbacks announcer Mark Grace had a prior DUI arrest in May 2011, according to Fox 10. As a result, his license was suspended and he was supposed to have an ignition interlock system installed in his car. Ignition interlock devices use a breath test to measure a driver's blood alcohol level, and then "locks out" a driver if he's had too much to drink.

In general, aggravated DUI charges arise when certain factors elevate a DUI offense to the level of a felony. Committing a DUI offense while driving on a revoked license, while a child under 15 is in the car, or while an ignition interlock system is supposed to be installed on your car, will all get you an aggravated DUI charge in this state.

While penalties differ depending on the specific offense, aggravated DUI charges generally carry much tougher penalties than misdemeanor DUI offenses. If Grace is found guilty of his aggravated DUI charges, he could face anywhere from a few months to several years in prison, revocation of driving privileges for a minimum of three years, up to five years of probation, and the installation of an ignition interlock device.

Since Mark Grace will be out of the Diamondbacks' announcing booth for the foreseeable future, former All-Star Luis Gonzalez and the legendary Joe Garagiola Sr. will be taking over color-commentary duties.

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