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Drugged driving is a mounting problem in the Valley. In fact, authorities say that since 2009 the number of DUI drug arrests has increased by 100 percent in Mesa.

That's why the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety has awarded the Mesa Prosecutor's Office a grant to help improve DUI drug case prosecution, The Associated Press reports. With the grant, the Mesa Police Department's Crime Lab plans to expand its hours in order to process more drugged driving cases.

Michel Hallor is living a mother's worst nightmare. Hallor's 8-year-old son Andrew was killed in 2011 when the SUV he was riding in flipped on Highway 89 near Wilhoit.

While Hallor wasn't the driver of the SUV, she failed to make sure Andrew was buckled up. She also happened to have a blood alcohol content more than three times the legal limit. On Monday, Hallor was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her role in the crash, The Daily Courier reports.

Coconino County Superior Court Judge Joseph James Lodge Jr. has been reassigned to non-judicial duties following a DUI arrest last week. Ironically, Lodge handles felony DUI cases.

The judge was allegedly driving with a BAC of 0.229 percent, the Arizona Daily Sun reports. That's nearly three times the legal limit. Now Lodge will probably face a super extreme DUI charge.

Back in 2010, high school senior Joey Romero was killed by a hit-and-run driver while walking home from his job at a dollar store. After the accident, Romero's family began pushing for increased penalties for hit-and-run drivers.

On Wednesday, Gov. Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1163 into law, The Arizona Republic reports. Under "Joey's Law," drivers who kill someone and then drive off could lose their licenses for a decade.

Holiday parties can be a blast or a straight-up nightmare depending on the crowd and environment. The one thing they almost always have in common, however, is an abundance of booze.

While festive drinks like spiked eggnog and mulled cider are smooth going down, the alcohol can sneak up on you. So if you plan on drinking this holiday season, make sure to have a plan in place to get home safe.

Here are a few suggestions:

If Isaac Richard Quesada had only stopped at the scene of the accident he caused, Jesus Jimenez would be alive today. And Quesada would only be facing a super extreme DUI charge, as opposed to the vehicular manslaughter charge he'll likely get now.

Quesada reportedly hit Jimenez's car while driving drunk. When Jimenez approached Quesada's car to discuss the crash, Quesada allegedly took off, dragging Jimenez to his death, CBS 5 News reports.

For some reason, Eric Goldwine decided to get drunk before going on a drive with his 4-year-old son in tow.

And not just a little drunk. Goldwine reportedly blew a 0.20 percent BAC. The Surprise dad is now facing aggravated DUI and child endangerment charges, CBS 5 News reports.

We Americans like to think of our country as the "sweet land of liberty." So it's pretty shocking that less than 100 years ago our forefathers could've been thrown in jail for enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

Unsurprisingly, Prohibition failed to make drunkenness and crime things of the past. In fact, it only led to more crime. That's why 79 years ago today, America came to its senses and passed the 21st Amendment, restoring our right to imbibe.

What better way to celebrate Repeal Day than to drink some booze with friends and family? Here's a quick reminder of how we arrived at this day:

A 76-year-old Phoenix woman fell asleep while watching TV early Saturday, and awoke to a nightmare. Authorities say 22-year-old Andrew James Mathieson broke into the woman's home and beat her unconscious, Fox 10 News reports.

Mathieson allegedly stole the victim's car and tried to set it on fire before he was arrested. According to authorities, Mathieson was drunk during the entire ordeal. He's now facing aggravated DUI charges, in addition to aggravated assault, burglary, and arson.