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Alternatives to Driving Drunk This Holiday Season

Holiday parties can be a blast or a straight-up nightmare depending on the crowd and environment. The one thing they almost always have in common, however, is an abundance of booze.

While festive drinks like spiked eggnog and mulled cider are smooth going down, the alcohol can sneak up on you. So if you plan on drinking this holiday season, make sure to have a plan in place to get home safe.

Here are a few suggestions:

Stay Sober

There's always some guy (or gal) at the office party who drinks a little too much and ends up embarrassing himself. Don't be that guy. The best way to avoid this situation is to stick to the virgin nog.

Designate a Driver or Cab It

If abstaining isn't your style, you should designate a driver. For example, you and your friend or significant other can trade off sober driver duties from party to party.

If no one wants to drive, call a cab. Cab fare is nothing compared to Arizona's DUI penalties. A first DUI offense is punishable by a minimum fine of $1,250, at least 10 days in jail, a minimum 90-day license suspension, and having an ignition interlock system installed in your car for at least a year.

Sober Ride

Besides abstaining, designating a driver, or calling a cab, there's a lesser known alternative to driving drunk. For a fee, safe ride programs provide a driver to get you and your car home safe.

For your convenience, the National Traffic Safety Administration has created a listing of all safe ride programs in Arizona. Find one in your area and save the number in your phone so you'll always have it on you.

If you do find yourself in the drunk tank, however, you'll want to contact a DUI attorney. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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