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Arizona Is Serious About Zero Tolerance for Under-21 DUIs

Most states have a "zero-tolerance" policy when it comes to DUIs if the driver is under 21. That means the legal limit is lower than what is permitted for drivers who are of legal drinking age.

Some states put the under-21 blood alcohol limit at 0.01% or 0.02% to account for too much mouthwash, rum-soaked cake, or whatever your excuse is. But Arizona gives no such mercy.

When Arizona's law says zero tolerance, that means the acceptable BAC for an under-21 driver is zero. That's a far cry from the limit for someone who's over 21.

Getting Your License Back After a DUI in Arizona

Part of the sentence for a DUI conviction may involve having your license taken away so when everything is settled, you need to go about getting your license back.

Once the suspension or revocation period ends your license won't automatically come back. That means you can't just get back behind the wheel without taking some extra steps. If you do, you'll be in even bigger trouble for driving without a valid license.

Lucky for you, the Grand Canyon State makes it relatively easy to get your license back. Depending on when you got your license, you won't even have to go to the MVD.

Should Arizona Drivers Refuse a Breathalyzer?

If you own an Arizona driver's license and get stopped by police who suspect you've been drinking, it's generally a good idea not to refuse the Breathalyzer.

It doesn't matter whether you've been drinking and want to hide the evidence, or haven't been drinking and feel insulted by police asking the questions. It's never a good idea for a Maricopa County resident, or really anyone living in Arizona, to refuse an alcohol breath test.

Do you legally have to submit to the Breathalyzer? No, not until police have a warrant. But you probably won't be happy with the results if you say no.

The Top 5 DUI Stories of 2012

Drinking and driving is always a bad idea. Sometimes, however, it results in a compelling story, whether it be a tragic one or a funny one.

Below, we’ve included our top five DUI stories of 2012.

Whether on asphalt or water, it's always a bad idea to drink and drive.

Back in March, Dwarkesh Prasannavathanam, a student at Cal State Long Beach, drowned while tubing on Lake Havasu, Today's News-Herald reports.

Now, Richard Allen Timmsen, the boat's driver, is facing one count of felony endangerment and two counts of misdemeanor operating under the influence for his role in the accident.

You can't outrun a Taser. An accused drunken driver learned that lesson the hard way last week when he was shot with a Taser not once, but twice, the Eastern Arizona Courier reports.

Matthew Eugene Ravia was pulled over for speeding on New Year's Day. Instead of surrendering to police, however, Ravia took off on foot. Police had to use stun guns on the suspected drunken driver twice before he could be cuffed. Ravia is now facing charges for aggravated DUI and unlawful flight from law enforcement.

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... to get nabbed for drunken driving.

The increased traffic enforcement across the state netted a record number of DUI arrests this holiday season, according to The Arizona Republic. Officers arrested 4,371 people statewide on suspicion of DUI between Nov. 24 and Jan 1.