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The Top 5 DUI Stories of 2012

Drinking and driving is always a bad idea. Sometimes, however, it results in a compelling story, whether it be a tragic one or a funny one.

Below, we’ve included our top five DUI stories of 2012.

Bath Salts DUI: Zombies Can Drive Cars Too

Bath salts were all the rage in 2012. While the drug probably won’t turn you into a zombie, it will impair your ability to drive.

Myra Rosas was pulled over in May for driving erratically. According to police, Rosas exhibited sharp mood swings, fast speech, and nervous energy. She later admitted to taking bath salts before driving.

Pregnant Mom Killed by Drunk Driver; Baby Delivered

Karlisha Randolph was nine months pregnant when a suspected drunk driver slammed into her SUV, causing it to roll over. While Randolph died in the crash, doctors were able to deliver the baby. Randolph’s two sons, ages 2 and 7, survived the crash as well.

Couple Pulls a Switcheroo

A Tuba City couple that was pulled over in March had a brilliant idea to avoid a DUI charge: they switched seats. The problem was that they were both drunk. The old switcheroo actually ended up hurting more than it helped. The officer saw the switch occur and arrested both the man and the woman for DUI.

Tucson Cop Arrested for Super Extreme DUI

Cops get DUIs all the time, but they usually wait until they’re off duty to drink and drive. Lynsey Coutts, a 4-year veteran on the Tucson Police Department, is notable for getting her DUI while on the clock.

Coutts was pulled over for speeding during a morning shift. She reportedly had a BAC of .235 percent. That’s nearly three-times the legal limit.

ASU Student Killed in DUI Hit-and-Run

Back in April, 22-year-old ASU student Giacomo Masolini was killed when he was rear-ended by a suspected drunk driver on U.S. Route 60. Mark William Clary, the alleged drunk driver, fled the scene on foot, leading to an extensive manhunt. Eventually, Clary was found hiding in a nearby neighborhood and charged with second-degree murder.

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