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How to Choose the Best DUI Attorney for You

We've previously written about whether you need a Phoenix DUI attorney if you want to plead guilty to drunken driving. But how do you choose the best DUI attorney for you?

There are literally thousands of DUI attorneys to choose from. And by reading their websites, they may all seem equally qualified.

But we've all read horror stories of people who choose the wrong DUI attorney. These people may have wasted time and money, and possibly even lost their freedom because of poor representation. To prevent that from happening to you, here are some tips on how to choose the best DUI attorney:

  1. Make sure the lawyer is qualified. This means much more than simply having a law degree or having attended a Top 10 law school. Instead, make sure that the lawyer has DUI defense experience and has successfully defended clients. Ask the lawyer how many years he's practiced and how many DUI trials he's handled.

  2. Make sure you get along. You will need to trust and confide in your attorney. If you don't trust or even like your attorney, then you've got a problem. Make sure that you feel comfortable with your lawyer and that you trust him to handle your defense.

  3. Make sure you know how much your lawyer will cost. While you may not get an exact quote, you should get an estimate and written guidelines describing how the attorney will charge you. Legal costs can get out of hand, so you will want to know what will show up on your bill before you sign off on a legal services agreement.

  4. Make sure you visit several attorneys. Use the fact that there are so many lawyers available to your advantage. Shop around and talk to several attorneys. Compare prices, experiences, and even personalities.

  5. Make sure to ask plenty of questions. During the initial consultation, you can gauge the lawyer's expertise and ability by asking specific and pointed questions about your case. Even if you don't get an answer, see how the lawyer responds and pay attention to his grasp of the law.

You can start your search for a qualified DUI attorney near you in our online directory.

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