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3 Reasons to Get Your DUI Conviction Expunged

Getting a DUI can be a hassle, and the resulting conviction will be a greasy smear on your otherwise pristine criminal record.

It isn't just the principle of your own goodness at stake. Here are three good legal reasons to expunge that DUI stain from your record:

How to Get a 6-Month Deferment for Your Ignition Interlock Device

Arizona law requires even first-time DUI offenders to get an ignition interlock device installed in their cars for a year. But there are a few tips to get you back behind the wheel -- without the device -- in just six months.

In a previous post, we explained five things to know about ignition interlock. But if you are facing a DUI arrest or conviction in Arizona, you should also know that you can potentially cut down your time with an ignition interlock device.

Here's how to do it: