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Recent Holiday DUI Arrests Higher Than Last Year: 5 Tips

In Arizona, over the 2013 Fourth of July holiday weekend, police made 434 DUI arrests over the span of two days. According to Phoenix's ABC15, this is an increase from the 350 arrests last year. Also, 24 of those people were arrested for underage DUI, and 126 were booked for extreme DUI (a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over .150% in Arizona).

Since our next holiday weekend, Labor Day, is just around the corner, here are some tips that may be handy to follow if your plans include alcohol:

1) Have a Designated Driver

If you know for a fact that you plan to drive somewhere but also drink, it's best to buddy-up with a designated driver ("DD"). If not, assign one in your group. Remember to be careful when selecting your DD, and ensure that it's someone you trust to stay sober, even with a party going.

2) Know Your Limits

Remember that in Arizona, the legal BAC limit is 0.08%, which still allows for some drinking. You know your body, metabolism, and your limits best, so do a little bit of research ahead of time and keep that information in mind if you're pounding back a couple. Know when to stop, drink plenty of water, wait it out to be safe, and you should be fine.

3) Make Back-up Plans. It's always best to implement back-up plans. Those can include sleeping over at a friend's house on his or her couch or arranging for someone sober to come pick you up to take you home.

4) Other Means of Transportation

If your whole party intends to drink, make sure you implement other means of transportation to get everyone home safely. Call a cab ahead of time, look up local bus or train routes, and check if there are ride-sharing apps operating in your area. Remember, biking while drunk is also illegal.

5) Don't Drink

This last one should be easy (and, yes, a bit obvious). The only 100% method of avoiding a DUI arrest is to not drink and drive. Find other, non-alcoholic ways to have fun -- you'd be surprised at how far good company and good conversation can take you.

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