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300 DUI Arrests Near ASU in 3 Weeks: How to Avoid Getting Busted

A whopping 1,367 DUI or alcohol-related arrests were made over the course of three weekends at the start of the semester at Arizona State University (ASU), reports the Phoenix New Times. The alcohol task force netted 371 arrests the weekend before classes started, 486 arrests the first weekend of classes, and 510 more the second weekend. While not every arrest is confirmed to be an ASU student, it's likely a safe assumption to make that many of them were.

With the aid of seven other police departments, the task force also racked up over 300 arrests for actual DUIs and 174 warrant arrests over the three weekends. Here's a breakdown of some of those numbers:

  • Grand total of 1367 arrests
  • 381 arrests for minors in consumption of alcohol
  • 125 arrests for minors in possession of alcohol
  • 309 DUI arrests
  • 174 warrant arrests

Keeping ASU's example in mind, here are some tips to avoid getting busted for a DUI-related arrest in Arizona: