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Local Phoenix news sources are constantly covering news stories relating to DUI arrests, drunk driving crashes, and DUI court cases. DUI news stories typically detail the facts surrounding an arrest and include coverage of DUI checkpoints, enforcement of DUI laws, and related issues. Phoenix residents can often learn from the tragic situations of those covered in DUI news, learning the laws and the process through the news coverage of suspected drunk drivers and their progress through their cases.

Staying on top of these breaking developments is a great way to better understand Arizona’s stringent DUI laws. Consider this blog your one-stop shop for all of your DUI news and a resource of DUI laws, cases and trials. If you need additional assistance understanding state DUI laws or have a legal issue pertaining to a DUI charge, you should also contact a Phoenix DUI attorney to help assess your legal issue and strategy.

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The Lasting Effects of a DUI Collision

An Arizona family that suffered serious injuries after their car was struck by a wrong-way drunk driver serves as a reminder of the lasting effects of a DUI collision.

Chance Molzan and her mother are just now recovering from their injuries one year after the accident. Molzan's hands were severed in the collision and her leg was broken. Her mother is still struggling with her traumatic brain injury, according to Phoenix's KSAZ-TV.

If the Molzan family decide to file a civil lawsuit against the DUI driver, what kind of damages could they recover?

What are Extreme and Super Extreme DUIs?

A Kingman man is facing an extreme DUI charge after his truck hit a gas meter, two fences and two parked cars before slamming into a home, The Associated Press reports.

Though the "extreme" category name sounds hyperbolic and almost comical, the penalties for an extreme or super extreme DUI are anything but amusing -- as busted judges and cops could tell you.

But what exactly are extreme DUIs and super extreme DUIs?

Ariz. DUI Arrests Drop for 1st Time in Decade

The total number of DUI arrests in Arizona dropped for the first time in ten years.

In 2013, 29,000 DUI arrests were made. While that number is still incredibly high, it's about 3,000 less than in 2012. The Governor's Office of Highway Safety attributes the drop in DUIs to the public's understanding of the legal limits and the consequences associated with the crime, according to AZCentral.

Compared to the numbers from the past year, it appears Arizona's drivers are smartening up to the dangers of drinking and driving.

300 DUI Arrests Near ASU in 3 Weeks: How to Avoid Getting Busted

A whopping 1,367 DUI or alcohol-related arrests were made over the course of three weekends at the start of the semester at Arizona State University (ASU), reports the Phoenix New Times. The alcohol task force netted 371 arrests the weekend before classes started, 486 arrests the first weekend of classes, and 510 more the second weekend. While not every arrest is confirmed to be an ASU student, it's likely a safe assumption to make that many of them were.

With the aid of seven other police departments, the task force also racked up over 300 arrests for actual DUIs and 174 warrant arrests over the three weekends. Here's a breakdown of some of those numbers:

  • Grand total of 1367 arrests
  • 381 arrests for minors in consumption of alcohol
  • 125 arrests for minors in possession of alcohol
  • 309 DUI arrests
  • 174 warrant arrests

Keeping ASU's example in mind, here are some tips to avoid getting busted for a DUI-related arrest in Arizona:

Recent Holiday DUI Arrests Higher Than Last Year: 5 Tips

In Arizona, over the 2013 Fourth of July holiday weekend, police made 434 DUI arrests over the span of two days. According to Phoenix's ABC15, this is an increase from the 350 arrests last year. Also, 24 of those people were arrested for underage DUI, and 126 were booked for extreme DUI (a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over .150% in Arizona).

Since our next holiday weekend, Labor Day, is just around the corner, here are some tips that may be handy to follow if your plans include alcohol:

The Top 5 DUI Stories of 2012

Drinking and driving is always a bad idea. Sometimes, however, it results in a compelling story, whether it be a tragic one or a funny one.

Below, we’ve included our top five DUI stories of 2012.

Whether on asphalt or water, it's always a bad idea to drink and drive.

Back in March, Dwarkesh Prasannavathanam, a student at Cal State Long Beach, drowned while tubing on Lake Havasu, Today's News-Herald reports.

Now, Richard Allen Timmsen, the boat's driver, is facing one count of felony endangerment and two counts of misdemeanor operating under the influence for his role in the accident.

You can't outrun a Taser. An accused drunken driver learned that lesson the hard way last week when he was shot with a Taser not once, but twice, the Eastern Arizona Courier reports.

Matthew Eugene Ravia was pulled over for speeding on New Year's Day. Instead of surrendering to police, however, Ravia took off on foot. Police had to use stun guns on the suspected drunken driver twice before he could be cuffed. Ravia is now facing charges for aggravated DUI and unlawful flight from law enforcement.

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... to get nabbed for drunken driving.

The increased traffic enforcement across the state netted a record number of DUI arrests this holiday season, according to The Arizona Republic. Officers arrested 4,371 people statewide on suspicion of DUI between Nov. 24 and Jan 1.

Drugged driving is a mounting problem in the Valley. In fact, authorities say that since 2009 the number of DUI drug arrests has increased by 100 percent in Mesa.

That's why the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety has awarded the Mesa Prosecutor's Office a grant to help improve DUI drug case prosecution, The Associated Press reports. With the grant, the Mesa Police Department's Crime Lab plans to expand its hours in order to process more drugged driving cases.