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Phoenix Pro Bono Centers

It might be difficult to find a Phoenix DUI attorney that does pro bono legal work, but there are actually many organizations in Maricopa County and in the city of Phoenix that can give you information about your DUI hearing. A pro bono attorney could point you in the right direction and may be a good starting place for those accused of DUI. The Arizona Supreme Court actually encourages attorneys to provide free legal services in order to fulfill their professional obligation to society. Listed below are some local pro bono centers in Phoenix.

Friendly House
802 S. 1st Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona. (602) 257-1870.

Friendly House is a social service agency that has serves Phoenix communities. The organization launched 85 years ago and now offers services in adult education, workforce development, family services, and homecare for the elderly and disabled. In addition, Friendly House can point you in the right direction for hiring a lawyer.

William E. Morris Institute for Justice
202 E. McDowell Rd., Ste 257, Phoenix, Az 85001. (602) 252-3432.

The William E. Morris Institute for Justice has been a private non-profit agency in Phoenix since 1996. The agency works to provide legal services for the community, to other community-based agency advocates, and to low-income clients in Arizona. In 1997, the Institute added an attorney who provides legal representation to low-income clients on a variety of issues.

Volunteer Lawyers Program of Maricopa County
305 South Second Avenue, Phoenix, Az 85003.

Co-sponsored by Community Legal Services and the Maricopa County Bar Association, Volunteer Lawyers Program makes it possible for attorneys to provide a few hours of service or advice regarding civil law matters. Phoenix criminal defense lawyers are also able to represent low income clients from beginning to end. Lawyers are willing to assist with pro bono matters outside their usual area of practice so that they can train to be mentors and consultants.